Founded to help bridge trade between the western World and China


Our firm is dedicated to ensure that your productions and purchases from Chinese
factories are smooth, and stress free.


Bespoke works hand in hand with top inspection firms, in order to guarantee an optimum quality.
ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and CE Certificate are some of the many accreditations that we work with.


Our international and local on the ground team is composed of highly qualify professionals and experts
to help minimize your company’s risks by performing and indepth Quality Control and factory audit.
Bespoke Sourcing is your best and most direct partner when trading with China.


With our headquarters in Shangai, over the years we have expanded, having set up opperational
offices in Chile, Spain, London and Honduras. We currently work with clients all over the globe and
succesfully continue to expand.

Bespoke works has various operational offices around the globe, allowing us to guarantee the
highest quality service.

Quality Control

Our team of Quality Control is composed of experts dedicated to scrutinize every detail of your
production to ensure that you receive the product you have approved.
For more technical productions we work with SGS for all of our laboratory tests.

Quality Control

If you are having a problem with a current production we can have a member of our team within 24 hours on site to review your production and help solve any problems.


Before your production has started Bespoke Sourcing will liaison between you and the factory to make sure they understand every detail of your production.

End Production
Quality Control

We will send a member of our staff to review your production and make sure it is up to your standards.

Container loading
and closing

We will conduct an inspection to make sure the container is appropriately loaded and verify that everything is on the packing list that is meant to be.

Complete Quality Control

Certain productions are more delicate and require a constant control. Bespoke Sourcing is equipped to have a member of our team live in the factory during your production, providing you daily reports with video streaming and high quality photographs.

Quality Control

Once production has started, depending on your needs, we will send members of our team to review your production and preform the appropriate tests and analysis.

During Production
Quality Control

Different productions have different stages, this why we can send members of our team as many times as necessary throughout your production to verify everything is going well.

Factory Audit

We understand that it is essential for you to know whom you are working with, especially when they are on the other side of the world. Also it is very easy for factories to get creative when describing their facilities and working conditions. Members of our team will go to the factory and review their machines, capabilities, capacities, and working conditions, this way it is easier for you to make a decision to work with them or not.

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